Cycle Track Moscow – St. Petersburg to Start Construction
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29.06.2021 в 11:01

This week construction began on the first section of the 1200-kilometer Moscow-St. Petersburg cycle route.

The initiative comes from a public project Let's bike it!

Activists from the project have been working on this route in their cycling clubs for more than ten years. Already at that stage, the task was to maximize the separation of car and bicycle flows. And at the same time, pave a route through picturesque places with interesting sights.

In addition to the main route, branches are planned: at Seliger Lake - around the lake, there will be also a branch at Valdai Lake, to the Valdai national park.

Additional places for food and lodging will be created on the route.

Awnings appear under which bicyclists can hide from the rain. Every 10-15 kilometers there should be places, conventionally - gazebos with a pleasant view, where you can sit down and have a snack in comfort.

And there should be services for cyclists at railway stations. Starting from banal parking lots and ending with bike rentals. So that a person can come without a bike at all, rent it at the station and go for a ride along the route.

Railway stations will also be improved so that people can ride a bicycle, for example, from Moscow by train, and then travel in nature along some section of this route for two or three days.

The main task of route development is to create a safe traffic environment for cyclists. First of all, it is being worked out so that motorists and cyclists do not intersect in places where it is unsafe.

The first stage to open nearby Moscow already next year.